Pirate Dresses and their Fascination

Evidences of bygone era express that clothing, being the important part, was used to depict classes. Pirate dressing has its own attraction during historic period and is still, one of the most loved medieval dressing style in the theme parties and on different occasions. The nobilities and royalties were attracted by classy fabric like Velvet and silk whereas people belonging to inferior class wore gears made up of animal skin like Ship skin, Lenin, Wool.

What ‘Pirate Dress Up’ do?

Our designers in accordance with all this, designed cloths with are the product of Renaissance, Victorian and Gothic patterns. We use cultural and historical sources of 17 century to make these clothes real.

Pirate Clothes – How the Trends Changed?

After 70’s nasty clothing, neo-romantic Pirate Collection was introduced. This consists of a hat and heavy boots along with trousers and jacket matched with a tunic top, waistcoat and sash. After 80’s collection were designed according to 16th- and 17th-century fashion.

They prefer the long slits in the arms of the jacket made from slashed fabric. Dated back to 90’s, fashion shifts drastically. Most of the designs for dresses were taken from 17-century designs. People preferred lurid, jerry-rigged stuffs with net patches.

Renaissance aura influenced people used to wear cloths with, square-necked bodices with tight hoods stuffing sleeves, puffing shoulders and gothic designs.  Women’s clothing was added with larger sleeves and more furs. Renaissance clothing included beret, basquine, bourrelet, chopines, canions, jerkin etc along with decorating ornaments.

During Elizabethan age, fabric, colour, and material used to classify the class of the people ranging from upper to lower. Whereas medieval clothing of lower class included wool clothing’s, coats, ponchos and Lenin undergarments, during that time also clothing was the matter of status.

Current Pirate Fashion

People, today, are more interested in imitating the styles of bygone area through thematic parties Halloween and many other event s to get a feel of Renaissance and Medieval time.  We have infused nuance of bygone eras in our outfits and that too, with quality fabric and pocket-friendly prices.  To make it easy for you, our pirate shirts can give you a completely new look.

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